Terrace Garden Setup


Watching a seed sprout, grow & blossom into a plant is pure joy. Consuming  your home grown vegetables & fruits will be freshest & tastiest ever eaten.  No amount of money can give you satisfaction to this experience. As you develop the garden, butter flies , bees and birds will be you companion.

Growing  fresh,safe & pesticide free food, an idea whose time has come !


To ensure a healthy garden, you need to keep the quality of soil high, enriched with nutrients. A Soil less garden is a mixture of Cocopeat, Vermi Composit & Cow Dung manure in equal proposition to get the right mixture. Cocopeat is much lighter than soil as such it reduces the load on terrace and its water retention capacity is more.



                If each home starts composting their kitchen waste more than 60% of the waste we send to the landfill  which is bio degradable, can be dealt with at source itself and recycled back to earth. An opportunity exists in every house.

Kitchen waste is the most important fertilizer for compost preparation



For controlling pests a concentration of 3 G’s ( Green Chilly,Ginger & Garlic) can be used.Panchagavya,Gomutra ,Neem oil & Cake can also be used for better results.